2020 Sacramento Settlement Contractor Regional Agricultural Water Management Plan

The RD-108 AWMP is available for download and review here: https://glenncolusairrigation-my.sharepoint.com/:b:/g/personal/hdawley_gcid_net/ERHktpprZZtHpuFWXmc40FwBLnPeJOItw1_ni3W6SwiklA

Sites Reservoir Presentation

Sites Reservoir Presentation

Open the link below to view the PowerPoint presentation: Sites Presentation 108-DWD_6.2020_108

Attention Water Users: Online Measurement Tool

Attention Water Users: Online Measurement Tool

The FLOW website by H2O Tech is the best way for RD108 water users to view field measurement data at any time, from anywhere, on a smartphone, tablet, or computer. A password […]

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Sacramento River Information

Elevation at Colusa FT

Elevation at Wilkins Slough FT

Elevation at Knights Landing 24.90 FT

River Stages at Wilkins Slough (River Elevations)
Monitoring Stage47.6 FT
Flood Stage52.7 FT
Danger Stage53.7 FT