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Annual Water Measurement Report

RD108 tracks every single drop of water that touches the district. In the Water Measurement Report, you will find aggregated data of inflows, outflows, reuse and more. The acre-foot volumes that comprise this report have been measured at more than 500 locations, using methods including acoustic doppler velocimeter, magnetic meter, mechanical meter, and flow curve estimations. Diversions and turnout level measurements are used in water right reporting and must meet strict calibration and accuracy requirements set by State and Federal agencies. Other data points, like reuse and discharge, aren’t required by these agencies and are collected for internal planning and benchmarking.  Regardless of the method or reason, I believe that within this data lies attestation to the efficiency of RD108’s complex water system. We track every drop, because every drop counts!

If you have any questions or comments regarding the Water Measurement Report please contact RD108.