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January 22, 2019

This notice is to inform you that a draft Regional Conservation Investment Strategy (RCIS) has been developed for the Mid-Sacramento Valley region within Colusa and Sutter counties and will be available on the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) website for a 45-day public review and comment period beginning January 22, 2019 and ending at 5:00 PM on March 7, 2019.

The draft Mid-Sacramento Valley RCIS is available at CDFW’s Draft and Approved RCIS Program Documents web page:

Description of Proposed Regional Conservation Investment Strategy

Reclamation District 108, on behalf of the Mid and Upper Sacramento River Regional Flood Management Plan and the Mid-Sacramento Valley RCIS steering committee, is preparing an RCIS for parts of Colusa County and Sutter County (see Figure 1  for a draft map of the RCIS area). The Mid-Sacramento Valley RCIS is intended to aid in the implementation of needed flood risk reduction measures, and to provide incentives for landowners to propose conservation actions on their properties that would benefit species and other natural resources in need of mitigation offsets from flood management projects.

Regional Conservation Investment Strategies are new, voluntary, non-binding landscape-scale conservation planning tools, guided by state legislation (AB 2087) that took effect January 1, 2017. An RCIS identifies conservation priorities to guide public and private conservation actions and investments, such as habitat restoration and protection, and compensatory mitigation of biological and other natural resources. The Mid-Sacramento Valley RCIS is part of a broader effort to implement regional advanced mitigation planning in the state to facilitate landscape-scale conservation and improve the delivery of flood protection, transportation, and other public infrastructure projects.


·                     Submittal of Public Comments

Comments on the draft Mid-Sacramento Valley RCIS must be submitted in writing by 5:00 PM, March 7, 2019. Comments should be submitted by email to both CDFW and Reclamation District 108, or by hard copy provided only to CDFW to minimize postage costs and effort.


EMAIL (comments should be emailed to both CDFW and to Reclamation District 108):



RD 108:


MAILED COPY (comments may be mailed to CDFW alone):


California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Habitat Conservation Planning Branch

P.O. Box 944209

Sacramento, CA 94244-2090

ATTENTION: Mid-Sacramento Valley RCIS Comments


DROPPED-OFF COPY (comments may be dropped off to CDFW alone):


California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Habitat Conservation Planning Branch

1700 9th Street, 2nd Floor

Sacramento, CA 95811-6423

ATTENTION: Mid-Sacramento Valley RCIS Comments

Figure 1. Geographic Area Covered by the Mid-Sacramento Valley RCIS