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Week of July 30, 2018

Ag groups urge board to reject flows plan

Levee districts considering new assessment to cover operations, maintenance costs

Board should reject flows plan, coalition says

State Water Board’s Plans Generate Protest Rally Plans

Commentary: Improved ESA would work better for species, people

How is a changing climate affecting California’s way of life? (references Sites)

State says it will take our water. We say, ‘Hell, no!’

California’s salmon industry fears it will be wiped out by Trump

California Groundwater Law Means Big Changes Above Ground, Too

Week of June 25, 2018


California water board should adopt holistic approach to management

Sites reservoir is too smart an investment for California to pass up

Deeply Talks: New Water Storage in California

Shasta Dam Raising Plan, The Pro View

As Decision Nears On California Water Storage Funding, a Chairman Reflects on Lessons Learned and What’s Next

Score may cut Sites bond funds



Week of June 18, 2018


Construction contract to raise height of Shasta Dam expected next year

A vote for three Californias is a vote for endless water wars

Woodland’s water quality is good and getting better

Turlock woman to serve second term on State Water Board

Earth being moved to Hamilton City levee

A New Groundwater Market Emerges in California. Are More on the Way?