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Week of March 27, 2017

Battle looms as Trump ally crusades for dam construction

Heavy Rain Means New Challenges for California Farmers

Big rains mean big clean-up along Sacramento River

Why California’s Wet Year Won’t Have Record Delta Water Exports

California Lawmakers Will Hear About Dire State Of Fishing Industry

Congress Eyes a Bill to Speed Up Dam Construction

How California Legislators Can Create a Path to Water Sustainability

Watching water, rice growers get annual review, worry list

Why Oroville Dam’s woes could cut into California water supplies

Week of March 13, 2017


Another Yolo Bypass fish rescue underway. Will it be the last?


Water managers explore new strategies to protect fish in California’s Bay Delta


Study finds sediment-rich streams are more dynamic


With Some Chinook in Trouble, California Faces ‘a Pathetic Scrap’ of a Salmon Season


Dropping river level strands hundreds of fish


For farmers below the Oroville Reservoir, water still poses a threat


WATCH: What Happened at Oroville Dam, and What Could Still Go Wrong


Farmers and Environmentalists: Old Enemies Conserving Water Together


Repair costs for the troubled Oroville Dam will run ‘much higher’ than $200 million, official says


State expects variety of large, small projects to seek Prop. 1 funds


California drought’s biggest lesson? Build more water storage

Week of March 6, 2017


Money, politics and the twin tunnels


Oroville Dam: Farmers blame sudden spillway shutoff for eroded riverbanks


Risks soar, bills come due as 20th-century dams crumble


 Worst salmon season in eight years projected in California


Storm waters may have washed away Sacramento River endangered salmon project


Flood control benefits from new storage projects debated


Farmers volunteer to monitor levees


Six Water Bills to Watch So Far This Spring in California’s Legislature


After near-record Northern California storms, signs of El Niño rise


The Important Role of the Yolo Bypass: The Inland Sea of Sacramento


Op-Ed: Kim Taylor | LaMalfa’s Position on Water Storage Leaves Out Key Facts


Oroville spillway work continues, water increased at Thermalito Afterbay outlet


Is there too much water behind Oroville Dam? Critics say Army Corps standards unsafe


Will California spend more on water projects? ‘It all depends on how thirsty the governor is,’ De León says