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Week of December 10, 2018

Voluntary agreements might solve Bay-Delta Plan’s river-flow dilemma

Late twist threatens state’s salmon

After delays, water board to tackle flows proposal

Major rollback of water rules endorsed by California farmers

California Adopts Landmark River Plan to Bring Back Salmon

State board approves controversial river flows. What’s the next step for MID, TID?

Westlands’ role in Shasta Dam-raising project takes a beating in Redding

The community voices concerns about the raising of Shasta Dam

Hamilton City levee receives funding boost

SF, other cities consider lawsuits to head off water restrictions

‘This is an assault on farm workers’ Farmers react to state ‘water grab’ approval

California cedes water to feds in Delta deal with Trump

Maximizing every drop

We offered more water and money; what more does the state want from us?

Our View: Sites proponents have years of advocacy ahead of them to get the 500,000 acre-foot lake finally under construction

NCWA Fish Food Article