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RD 108 has finished completely refurbishing the El Dorado Bend Pumping Plant. The pumping plant was originally constructed in 1921 to provide both drainage and irrigation service. Many of the pumping plant’s major components are original parts and include two 600 HP pumps and  two 400 HP pump. Part of the maintenance improvements included repairing the original 54-inch diameter 3/8-inch thick pipes through the levee, which corroded over the last 90 years  to a thickness of only 1/8-inch. The repair process included sleeving the three 54-inch pipes with a new 48-inch diameter 1/2-inch thick pipe and filling the gaps with grout. The District has replaced two of the pump impellers (shown below) used to divert irrigation water as the original impellers deteriorated over the 90 years of service. The new impellers will increase the reliability and efficiency of the pumping plant. The total project cost is approximately $2 million.

El Dorado PP Impeller